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  WestMark Sales, Inc. supplies water quality instrumentation including: PH/ORP/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen Turbidity/Suspended Solids/Residual Chlorine/Streaming Current/Ozone/On-line and Portable Water/Wastewater Samplers/Particle Counters/Flow/Level  





We sell 100% compatible replacement sensors for use with Great Lakes analyzer-systems. 

- PH/ORP - Differential and conventional types

- Conductivity -Electrodeless and Contacting types




AquaMetrix by Water Analytics, Inc. -

PH/ORP/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen



Electro-Chemical Devices Inc. -

pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, ION selective

electrode, UV Spectroscopic, Colorimetric,

Dissolved Oxygen, Ozone, Free and Total Chlorine






Galvanic Applied Sciences -

Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Amine, Colorimetric, Titrimetric, ISE, Spectrophotometric,

Color, Viscosity




Greyline Instruments, Inc.-

Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Level and Flow/Doppler and Transit Time Flow Meters





Guided Wave Inc. -      

NIR & UV/Vis fiber optic-based spectroscopic and ambient monitoring analyzers

for chemical and physical properties





HF Scientific, Inc. -

Process On-line and laboratory: Turbidity/Residual Chlorine/Streaming Current


Insite Instrumentation Group, Inc.-

Dissolved Oxygen/Suspended Solids



Kayden Instruments - 

Thermal flow, level, temperature and interface switches




Gas Instruments


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