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Air Dimensions, Inc.- 
Dia-Vac pressure/vacuum gaseous diaphragm sampling pumps

100% oil-less, corrosion resistant, with a multitude of motor options.





Altech Environment U.S.A  - 

Ambient Gas Analysis and Emissions Monitoring Systems

Automotive and Particle Testing Systems.



Delta F Corp. -

Gas Analyzers for Trace and Percent Oxygen/Moisture


Draeger, Inc. -

Gas Monitors for portable and continuous area monitoring of Toxic, Combustible and Oxygen gases






Galvanic Applied Sciences -   

Gas Analyzers for H2S, Total Sulfur, H2S/SO2 Tail gas, Hydrocarbon & BTU,



Guided Wave Inc. -      

NIR & UV/Vis fiber optic-based spectroscopic and ambient monitoring analyzers

for chemical and physical properties







Solid State H specific sensors for process analysis and ambient monitoring



IonScience, Inc. -

Gas Monitors with photoionisation detection (PID) technology for measuring benzene and VOC’s.




Michell Instruments, Inc. -

Moisture Analyzers including general purpose and hazardous area precision Chilled Mirror

dew point/R.H. hygrometers and Ceramic dewpoint/R.H transmitters for process measurement, industrial gases, dryers, ovens and portable moisture analyzers


Sage Metering Inc  

Sage Metering, Inc. -

Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meters




Servomex Company, Inc. -

Gas Analyzers including general purpose and hazardous area Paramagnetic O2 and Infrared Photometers for process measurement, combustion efficiency, continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS), industrial gases and portable oxygen analyzers



Universal Analyzers, Inc. - 

Sample conditioning components for continuous, on-line process gas

analyzers and CEMS



Liquid Instruments


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